Before you get started there are a few things to know.

  1. Hardcore D.I.Y. is a semi-custom manufacturer meaning we do not take in guns.
  2. if the model of your gun isn't listed or is but has a light, or laser attached, ask if its possible. If there is a mold available for your firearm, we can do it for an additional $60 (cost of the mold).
  3. Every holster is pressed, formed, fitted, and assembled by hand. This means no 2 are exactly the same. Minor cosmetic flaws are inevitable. Slight bowing of the Boltoron between posts is common. No holster is shipped with any flaw that would compromise function.
  4. Holsters are not available for online purchase! Due to permit and legal requirements we are not yet able to meet, holsters are only available for order through our distributors.


full size and semi-compact models

OWB $80IWB $65

Compact and sub-compact models

OWB $80 IWB $60


Black or coyote



Full size and semi-compact models

Glock- 17, 22, 23, 32, 19, 21, 34, 35

Sig- 320, 320C


compact and sub-compact models

Glock- 43

S&W- M&P9 Shield

Springfield Armory- XDs9 3.3"