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Ultra-Mod™ Holsters

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*Holsters are sold without hardware, you must add at least one mounting option to your order for a complete holster. Mounting options are available on the previous page.  Please note that IWB mountings are not compatible with OWB holsters and vise versa. To convert from IWB to OWB please select the additional panel option. The correct panels will be selected based on your draw and mounting choices*

The Ultra-Mod™ series is the first modular thermoformed holster. Every Model can be converted to fit multiple belt sizes and mounting platforms to make a truly custom fit.

Specs & Features:

.08" thick heavy duty Boltaron thermoplastic

Adjustable retension

Made from custom molds for the smoothest possible draw

High drainage design to keep moisture and corrosion from forming on your firearm

Modular design