Ultra-Mod Holsters

designed for endless possibilities, built with a single purpose.

Normal holsters are limited to one specific style of carry style, but why have access to just one when you can have them all? Ultra-Mod holsters are designed with custom model specific molds and proprietary mounting hardware allowing them to have interchangeable panels and mounts. What does that mean? It means by exchanging just 3 screws your holster can be IWB, OWB, or even MOLLE mountable saving you hundreds of dollars on individual holsters. If that isn't enough, every mount is adjustable for both height and carry angle, allowing you to tune your carry to you.

Ultra-Mod Pouches

specialty performance with modular adaptability

The ultra-mod holsters are a fantastic modular platform. Why not use that platform for more than just holsters? Ultra-Mod pouches are the next step in modern combat and competition pouches. Each one is compatible with the same Proprietary mounts as our holsters meaning you can carry your equipment however you want with no limitations.