Hardcore D.I.Y.'s IWB line has all the features you need and none that you don't. Solid construction, ergonomic contouring, advanced forming, and a modular mounting system add up to a no nonsense holster that can change as you do.

Total Modularity

Industrial grade Velcro and Reinforced bulldog belt clips allow you to mount your holster at virtually any height or angle for a truly custom carry platform.

Mount it anywhere

under the steering column, between the seats, or on your belt The IWB can go anywhere. Our Velcro is compatible with 2" adhesive Velcro strips available at most hardware stores. If you can stick a strip then you can mount your holster.

Bomb Proof Construction

Industrial grade Velcro, Reinforced belt clips, solid steel chicago posts, and ,06" thickness Boltaron thermoplastic. What else is there to say?

No snag nose

The nose is open profiled and rounded leaving less material to snag on wallets, cell phones, and anything else you need to get to without a hassle

Low Drag Interior

The interior of our holsters is formed to a custom lattice allowing only minimal contact with the slide.. this smooths the draw considerably over conventional pressed designs, aids with drainage, and helps increase exterior rigidity protecting your pistols finish both inside and out.

4 Point adjustable retention

Make the draw your own. With 4 points of adjustment, you can get the draw just how you like it for reliable repeatable performance.


Each holster is made by hand from start to finish in Franklin, WI by someone who gives a shit about making it worth standing by.


As Much as We all wish everything could last forever. the reality is that nothing does. we don't want losing a Chicago post or the Velcro wearing out to be the end of your holster which is why all our materials are easily sourced by normal people. The Velcro can be replaced with the same industrial Velcro you find at the hardware store, the posts are standardized, and the belt loops are available online. In short your holster only dies when you let it.