When you look at OWB holsters, words like sleek, ergonomic, or minimalist don't usually enter into the mind. Hardcore D.I.Y.'s OWB line keeps the same low form factor and solid construction of our IWB line with the addition of a light weight belt panel, and our proprietary set and forget UMMP mounting system, 


The Universal Modular Mounting Platform is our proprietary set it and for get it mounting system. Made in house using professional grade 3D printing technology and state of the art materials, it allows you to mount the holster at almost any angle and height with all the rigidity of a static mount. The UMMP system also allows you to change out your mount from belt panel to MOLLE seamlessly without losing that perfect position.

Bomb Proof Construction

Industrial grade Velcro, Reinforced belt clips, solid steel chicago posts, and ,06" thickness Boltaron thermoplastic. What else is there to say?

No snag nose

The nose is open profiled and rounded leaving less material to snag on wallets, cell phones, and anything else you need to get to without a hassle

Low Drag Interior

The interior of our holsters is formed to a custom lattice allowing only minimal contact with the slide.. this smooths the draw considerably over conventional pressed designs, aids with drainage, and helps increase exterior rigidity protecting your pistols finish both inside and out.

4 Point adjustable retention

Make the draw your own. With 4 points of adjustment, you can get the draw just how you like it for reliable repeatable performance.


Each holster is made by hand from start to finish in Franklin, WI by someone who gives a shit about making it worth standing by.